Go Wellness Radio welcomes guest Dan Sullivan on the show. Dan is the Founder and President of The Strategic Coach Inc.

He is an innovator, consultant, and strategic planner, who helps coach entrepreneurs. 25 years ago, Dan had a pretty radical and controversial discussion with his Strategic Coach members about the concept of age. This controversy was sparked when Dan decided that he was going to live till he was 156 years old. But how?! Dan explains why, at the age of 72, he has no intention of dying young.

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Key Takeaways:

[3:20] Dan wants to live until he’s 156. How did he come up with such a specific number?

[7:05] It seems humans are only equipped to physically live up to about 120.

[10:25] Dan’s notion of living beyond your physical limitation has been going on for close to 25 years.

[11:15] Dan is currently 72.

[12:35] Is Astrology nonsense? Dan doesn’t think so.

[13:25] Dan asks Regan when did he begin to stop having a conventional point of view on health and wellness?

[18:15] Dan believes what Regan is doing is a game-changer in the health industry.

[19:15] Your eyes only see, and your ears only hear, what your brain is looking for.

[26:55] You play to win with the cards you have, not the cards you wish you had.

[27:50] People who become entrepreneurs, aren’t always the smartest and most privileged people out there.

[36:50] Dan really struggled with getting his weight down.

[42:35] How many 70-year-olds do you know that want to keep learning, growing, and teaching?!

[42:50] Dan explains what the ‘Four Freedoms’ to life are. When you run out of these, that’s when people slow down, and eventually die.

[51:05] Dan likes connecting with younger generations to find out what’s different, and what’s still the same.

[58:20] Everyday is a winning day!

[1:05:20] After 43-years of working with entrepreneurs, what is the motivating factor for these types of people?

[1:12:00] Over the years, Dan has learned how to work with the brain that he has.

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