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For part 2 of the infertility solutions series, Regan covers a number of possible solutions and treatments for infertility as reviewed in part 1. Regan intimates a handful of professional success stories from Go Wellness Clinic patients, in concert with research showing that acupuncture has positive effects on low sperm count and on higher rates of positive outcomes for I.V.F. patients. Also, learn how to identify some of the early detectors and symptoms that may be preventing couples from successful conception.

Key Takeaways:

[00:30] Regan reviews some of the possible causes of infertility covered in Part 1 of the Infertility Solutions series.

[02:26] Many of the issues with infertility go misdiagnosed. One of the easiest ways to identify potential health issues is to look at your tongue in the mirror.

[04:15] The ideal place for a woman’s T.S.H. is between 1.8 to 2.4. It is also important to examine cortisol levels, A1C and glucose levels before conception.

[05:10] Regan explains some of the methods and techniques employed at Go Wellness Clinic.

[06:05] Beds and cribs can be incredibly toxic and children are much more susceptible to those toxins than adults are.

[06:30] Acupuncture is not only incredibly relaxing but it’s also a very effective way to increase normal sperm and equally reduce the amount of structural defects in sperm.

[09:50] Studies have shown acupuncture significantly helps I.V.F. patients.

[11:30] Regan shares a success story from patient, Sarah, who used acupuncture to not only help her get pregnant, but increase her energy and overall well-being.

[13:19] Acupuncture is most successful when used in conjunction with resolving other symptoms in the body that are potential causes of infertility.

[14:20] Any symptoms a woman has before getting pregnant can get significantly exacerbated after conception.

[15:02] How to detect hormonal imbalances, identify food sensitivities, detect yeast and fungal overgrowths, and re-inoculate the digestive system to resolve gut dysbiosis.

[16:16] Do you have spots or streaks in your fingernails? They could be indications of toxins.

[18:08] It’s essential to eliminate any leaky gut and restore the intestinal barriers. What are some of the families of healthy/unhealthy bacteria?

[20:03] Having a family is one of the coolest things you can do in your life. Don’t be afraid to get some help in this journey.

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