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In this third and final installment of the infertility solutions series, Regan lists some effective, natural foods to help promote fertility. Outlined in this episode are examples of “cold”, “warm’, and “neutral” foods recommended for men and women and considered to be beneficial to couples trying to conceive. Also, tune in to hear a side-note on Regan’s special bone broth recipe and preparation method. If you haven’t heard of the many benefits of bone broth, this is a must listen episode!

Key Takeaways:

[00:17] Food is medicine.

[01:00] Get your pencils out! Regan quizzes the listeners on some of the prior information shared in part 1 and 2 of the series.

[01:40] What are some of the good ‘cold foods’ for men? What are some of the ‘neutral foods’?

[03:13] Ladies are advised to have more ‘warm and hot foods’. Regan outlines a number of examples and their nutritional value.

[04:13] Which 10 Foods can increase fertility and libido in women?

[08:20] There is a resurgence of bone broth, and Regan shares his recipe for “bulletproof bone marrow”.

[10:30] There are a number of potential benefits to drinking bone broth, including fending off infection, anti-inflammatory effects, improved circulation, and healthy hair and nail growth.

[13:30] What are some of the herbs to consider to promote fertility?

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