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In this special episode, Antwoine Sanders shares his journey from NFL player to fitness trainer. You will hear training tips from the pros, and how customized workout routines from Studio HV can help you not only hit, but go beyond your fitness goals.

Key Takeaways:

[01:00] Antwoine shares some of his background in the NFL, and how he continues to share his passion for fitness with his trainees.

[04:09] Regan digs deeper into Antwoine’s background in the NFL and gets him to share his early experiences.

[06:30] Above his work in fitness training, Antwoine has returned to school to complete his degree in communications.

[09:00] Regan recommends the app, Seconds, for breaking up your workout routine.

[10:35] Antwoine and Regan breakdown a few, step one, routines as recommended to typical clients.

[14:00] Exercise is a focused activity which induces a degeneration process in your muscles, but being active is a daily choice and part of your long-term health.

[23:25] Injury is a serious concern when exercising. There are ways to work around these injuries under proper advice and guidance.

[28:00] For some reason, people in the fitness world don’t listen to their bodies as they should and end up getting hurt.

[34:00] Regan speaks to how the NFL is experimenting with injecting stem cells into injuries.

[36:30] Go Wellness listeners are offered the FIRST MONTH FREE at Studio HV.

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