Did you know that for many people around the world, owning a pair of glasses is a luxury they can’t afford?

In this Go Wellness Radio episode, Regan sits down with Dr. Travis Zigler who is on a mission to end preventable blindness. Dr. Travis Zigler graduated from The Ohio State University College of Optometry in 2010 with Magna Cum Laude honors. Every year, Dr. Zigler and his wife go on a mission trip to help people in impoverished countries get their eyesight restored. For many parts of the world, a simple pair of reading glasses is seen as a luxury item. On today’s show, Dr. Zigler discusses how to keep your eyesight healthy, why people get dry eyes, and why it is his mission to help end preventable blindness.

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Key Takeaways:

[:40] Who is Dr. Zigler and what does he do?

[2:25] Why did Dr. Zigler specialize in eyesight?

[5:25] Even though Dr. Zigler and his wife are Western-trained doctors, they’ve decided to take a more Eastern approach to their practice.

[8:20] When is Dr. Zigler’s and his wife’s next mission trip?

[10:15] What kinds of things does Dr. Zigler do to help end preventable blindness?

[13:10] Dr. Zigler has noticed that the eye lens tends to degenerate faster in diabetes and people with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

[15:40] What do the vessels and the nerves look like in a healthy eye?

[19:00] Dr. Zigler eats a very plant-based diet and tries to get his patients on board with a healthier diet as well.

[21:20] Why do people get dry eyes?

[25:25] If you have eye issues, do not wait! Get them checked out ASAP.

[29:45] How can we keep our eyesight healthy in this very digital world we live in?

[34:35] Dr. Zigler recommends that all his patients eat organic spinach and kale, especially if they already have macular degeneration.

[37:15] The problem with eye diseases is that the patient doesn’t notice any symptoms until it’s too late.

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