Pain can stop you dead in your tracks. How can we prevent it from happening to us?

Although the CDC does not classify aging as a disease, it is a disease of degeneration. On this Go Wellness Radio episode, Regan explains that if you’d like to live a long and healthy life, you need to prevent or focus on getting rid of your pain. Regan shares a quick introduction about pain and our society’s way of managing it. Over the next coming weeks, you will see more resources come out from his clinic as to what you can do to treat yourself and get rid of any chronic pain you may have.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:25] Regan is approaching the big 40. He reflects on what he’d like to do to become even healthier when he reaches his 50s.

[2:15] What ages us?

[4:00] How can you end pain?

[6:25] The U.S. has an opiate crisis going on right now. These are very addictive drugs and people are overdosing left and right from it.

[7:35] Pain sucks the quality of your life right out of you.

[8:45] Regan shares a client case study and how he helped his patient heal from chronic back pain.

[12:20] The more surgeries you have, the more medications you are one, which means the less likely you’ll be to live till you’re 120.

[16:10] What’s going to get in your way of living a long and healthy life? Pain!

[22:00] Regan has seen patients reduce their pain levels by 50% just by changing diets.

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