Don’t count calories! You should actually be eating more.

Rebecca Conde is an acupuncturist that works side-by-side with Regan, at the East West Health Clinic. Rebecca shares her story about why she got into acupuncture, and some of the most common things people are missing when it comes to their nutrition. In fact, Rebecca is often surprised by how few calories people are consuming, especially women, and why this starvation mindset is only going to hurt them with their weight goals.

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Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Who is Rebecca?

[5:20] When Rebecca had anemia, what kind of symptoms did she get?

[6:10] Rebecca had to eat lots of red meat to get her iron levels up.

[8:00] How did Rebecca get into acupuncture?

[10:00] What can an individual do to achieve better health?

[12:25] What are people missing when it comes to nutrition?

[14:10] When the body is in starvation mode, so many problems end up occurring, and you’ll hit a plateau with your weight goals.

[15:20] Don’t skip breakfast and try to avoid sugar first thing in the morning.

[18:15] Try to cook your vegetables a little bit. Too much raw food isn’t always healthy.

[20:40] You want to ideally eat about a pound of vegetables a day.

[20:55] Wait, a pound? How can people manage to eat that in a day?

[23:00] What kinds of fats should people be consuming?

[26:35] What’s Rebecca’s favorite dessert?

[27:25] Final last thoughts? Show your food journal to Rebecca!