Roy Krebs is the Co-founder and Head of Product for Natural Stacks, a supplement company that does not hide their ingredient list. This is Roy’s second guest appearance and you can find out more about his company from his first guest appearance. On today’s episode, Roy and Regan discuss how to combat depression, improve gut health, and how to get rid of hyperthyroidism through the use of supplements and good old-fashioned foods.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:05] In Regan’s state, Utah, they have the highest per capita usage of antidepressants.

[2:30] What are some of the symptoms of having low serotonin?

[4:00] What foods help build serotonin?

[7:40] One of the fruits Regan recommends to help increase tryptophan production is avocados.

[8:05] What other foods help increase tryptophan production?

[11:20] Natural Stacks is one of the only supplement companies that does not hide their ingredients.

[11:55] How do you know if you have a low thyroid?

[14:00] How can you improve your gut health?

[17:45] When does Roy recommend taking the Natural Stacks PreBiotic?

[20:35] How are dopamine and the thyroid hormone related?

[23:15] How can we help our body create dopamine?

[32:20] How can GABA help combat hyperthyroidism?

[39:00] Regan asks his patients who have thyroid issues to exercise every single day. It helps because it gets their blood moving, which means nitroxide gets produced.

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