In this Go Wellness Radio Episode, Regan visits with Paula Bronte. Paula is a Master Rapid Eye Technician and has worked in the energy healing and recovery space since 1998. They discuss what rapid eye therapy (RET) is and how can it help those who have been victims of abuse. Paula says that RET helps victims recover both on a physiological and psychological level. RET helps open up neuropathways where energetic memories of the trauma are being trapped and releases them.

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Key Takeaways:

[0:40] What’s Paula’s background? How did she get started?

[2:15] How does Paula help her clients?

[3:10] Rapid eye therapy has a spiritual piece to it.

[3:50] People often see a noticeable difference after one session, but it is usually a 12-session course.

[4:05] How does Paula keep grounded?

[5:05] How does Paula help change old patterns? What’s the science behind it?

[8:50] Many veterans are using RET to combat PTSD.

[10:10] If you have PTSD, then you definitely want to look into this.

[10:25] By thinking we’re not good enough or not worthy, it creates a substantial amount of roadblocks in your life.

[11:30] You can look forward to Paula’s workshop on September 23rd.

[12:25] What does Paula mean by downloads in this context?

[14:40] We don’t give vibrations enough credit when it comes to our health.

[15:20] RET helps us change the challenge.

[16:40] Is RET for you? Yes, it is for everybody, even if you think you have the perfect life.

[18:25] Paula shares a success story.

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