What does electromagnetic frequency (EMF) do to your body?

Nicolas Pineault is the author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, a book that dives deep into whether cellphone use is, in fact, harmful to our health. Nick, as he likes to be called, was tired of receiving conflicting information about whether or not cell phones cause harm to our bodies. After reading tons of studies and researching for the book, he found out that yes, the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that cellphones admit cause harm and we need to take more serious precaution with our technology. On the show, Nick discusses how you can stay safe while still using your cell phone.

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Key Takeaways:

[:45] Who is Nick and how did he get involved with EMFs?

[3:45] Wireless signals do disrupt your health.

[5:30] Is Nick opposed to using cellphones?

[6:55] Men, don’t put your cell phone in your pocket!

[10:55] What brand phone is the safest to use?

[16:00] When Nick talks on the phone, he uses a headset to help keep the actual phone away from his head.

[18:30] There are different types of EMFs out there. Which one is more dangerous?

[21:45] Does turning your phone on airplane mode help?

[25:50] When it comes to the telecom companies, there’s also no regulation around safety with these guys.

[31:00] Regan cites a study in Nick’s book that he found interesting. Bees apparently don’t like cell phone signals either.

[33:20] How can we create better habits around our cell phones?

[39:40] Why do EMFs affect us so badly?

[42:00] Nick will have a course out specifically for wellness practitioners about EMFs and how we (and our patients) can develop good habits around it.

[47:40] Nick recommends you just pick one habit to change and stick with it and then go from there.

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