Dr. Thaddeus Gala made a lifelong commitment to pursue natural medicine, after he saw his mother go from a fully healthy woman, to a woman doctors said would never walk again. Thankfully, Dr. Gala’s mother has made a full recovery through the use of natural medicine and now runs marathons at the age of 70! Dr. Gala believes, with a simple mindset shift on what traditional and natural medicine can do for you, you can face your health problems and conquer them.

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Key Takeaways:

[:50] Who is Dr. Gala?

[2:50] Dr. Gala’s mother, who is 70, is the lead health coach at his clinic.

[3:45] Dr. Gala’s mother was on full disability, and couldn’t walk, when she was 40. Now she runs marathons.
[4:15] How does Dr. Gala help people stop aging?

[6:10] Dr. Gala saved one of his patient $960,000 dollars.

[7:55] Doctors just don’t know everything, but people believe so firmly they have all the answers.

[11:00] You have to get your inflamation down. Dr. Gala does a quick overview.

[14:00] Antibiotics are incredibly important, but there is such a thing as too much antibiotics.

[15:10] Traditional medicine is based on one causation = one cure, but in reality, life does not work that way.

[16:50] Reducing inflammation is key to your overall health.

[18:15] At what age do you want to stop aging?

[19:40] In one potato chip, you need ten salads to balance out the inflammation that one potato chip causes.

[20:55] What type of foods should you avoid?

[24:10] Create systems that make it easy for you to win.

[24:35] Dying in your 60’s is not okay, nor should it be normal!

[28:10] Sitting is the new smoking.

[30:50] Health takes time.

[36:45] There’s so much cool medical technology coming out in the next ten years, that will radically improve our lives.

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