In today’s Go Wellness Radio episode, meet Roy Krebs, the Co-founder of Natural Stacks and the Head of Product for the company. Roy and his co-partner created Natural Stacks because they were sick of the shady practices found in the supplement industry, and wanted to bring to market something that was real, authentic, and not filled with cheap fillers and illegal ingredients. Quality control is of utmost importance.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:05] How did Roy get involved with healthy and natural food?

[5:25] Roy’s core customer base is in the U.S., but they’ve been sending their products all over the world.

[6:50] What are nootropics, and how does Roy ensure that his products don’t have any heavy metals in them?

[16:00] Roy is currently running a study on his Ciltep product. What have the results been so far?

[22:50] It’s hard for people to take a step back and figure out what they’re deficient in.

[24:15] Roy is working on a gaba brain food supplement right now.

[27:40] How does Ciltep work?

[32:35] Regan likes Ciltep a lot, and it has become a safe way to help his patients with their anxiety.

[35:20] Roy just released three new mushroom-based products.

[36:15] Other supplement companies don’t actually sell real mushroom products.

[42:15] How does Regan eat Lion’s Mane mushrooms?

[45:15] Roy recommends against any supplement that has a proprietary formula in it.

[50:15] There’s 50 types of magnesium out there, and the body cannot absorb some of them effectively.

[52:25] It can be difficult to find the right product, which is why you do have to do your research.

[55:20] Roy and his team spend A LOT of time finding quality ingredients for their products.

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