Cami Gillett, LAc., works with Regan at the East West Health clinic. Cami has been part of the team for the last three years, and is an incredibly skilled and intuitive acupuncturist. Cami believes her night terrors at an early age had something to do with her becoming a more attuned person.

During the interview, Cami discusses three ways the listeners can improve their creativity and become more intuitive in their lives (without the night terrors).

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Key Takeaways:

[:15] Cami is an acupuncturist, and has worked with Regan at East West Health for the last three years.

[1:35] Cami loves going to ComicCon.

[2:20] One year, Cami dressed up Lelo from The Fifth Element.

[3:10] Who is Cami? Why does she do what she does?

[6:15] How does Cami have such a good intuition when it comes to finding energy blockages in the body?

[7:45] Cami used to have very bad night terrors until she was 12.

[10:25] Cami is trying to re-learn some of the things she blocked out when she was a young child.

[13:35] How can people begin to tap into their intuition?

[15:55] What is a Double COMT gene mutation?

[20:40] How did Cami get into yoga?

[21:50] What are the top three things Cami recommends to do when trying to improve creativity?