James Maskell is the Creator of The Functional Forum and the Founder and CEO of Evolution of Medicine. Unfortunately, today’s traditional doctors are simply not aware of what the benefits of understanding your own gene makeup are, and how it can help you medically. This is why James Maskell joins us on Go Wellness Radio to discuss the Interrupting Your Genetics Summit and why it’s important to become better informed about the makeup of your genes.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:10] What is the ‘Interrupting your Genetics’ summit about?

[5:30] Genetic testing and understanding our genetics has only gotten better, but not enough people are aware of the impact it can have simply by understanding this information.

[6:00] The Interrupting your Genetics summit is completely free!

[7:15] What are some of the topics the summit guests will be talking about?

[10:20] The new way of thinking is that everything in your body is connected. The more your doctor understands this, the more he/she will understand that functional medicine is the only logical choice.

[11:15] Today’s doctors are just not educated in this field. They’re unfortunately deeply behind on what understanding your genetic background can really do for patients medically.

[14:00] When James did his genetics tests, what were some of the things he found out about himself?

[16:55] James offers some final words of wisdom about the importance of understanding your genetics.

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