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Should you use stem cells? Regan’s answer is yes, because there are no adverse side effects to stem cell therapy. Traditional surgery however, does pose risks and sometimes you have to go back for more to fix the underlying problem. Regan dives deep into why stems cells are important, why they’re the medicine of the future, and why you should consider them as your first option before going under the knife.

Key Takeaways:

[0:25] What is the medicine of the future?

[0:50] Why are stem cells important?

[1:50] Traditional surgery vs. a simple injection to heal a shoulder.

[2:15] Just by taking the injection, Regan’s shoulder was 100% in three months.

[2:40] Regan shares a patient testimonial.

[3:20] There are a lot of benefits to stem cells, but it’s not going to cure everything.

[3:35] 600,000 Americans undergo back surgery, but the outcomes aren’t always great.

[3:55] In a study of 1450 patients, 50% received back surgery but only 26% of those returned to work after two years.

[4:25] 67% of the remaining 725 patients that did not have surgery were able to go back to work.

[5:10] Are stem cells the right solution?

[5:40] Sometimes MRIs aren’t able to show everything.

[6:05] 72% of those who needed spinal surgery, also needed more surgery after the initial operation.

[6:25] The recovery period of a serious shoulder injury is 6 to 12 months.

[7:30] Do you have bad knees? Listen here.

[8:45] There’s a 70% increase in Americans who need to have their hip replaced.

[9:25] Regan shares a patient success story after he went through stem cell therapy.

[9:30] You don’t need surgery and there are huge risks to surgery.

[11:35] What are stem cells?

[12:45] Stem cells are extremely safe.

[13:55] Why does it work?

[15:35] After 6 months of stem cell therapy, you can begin to see some cartilage in the hips.

[17:20] Where’s the best place to get stem cells?

[18:00] This is FDA approved.

[20:45] However, stem cells have received a lot of backlash from pharmaceutical companies.

[21:40] Regan shares some additional research and studies on stem cells.

[24:55] Will there be no vaccines in the future? Just wellness boosters filled with stem cells?

[26:00] So, what’s next? It’s a one-time procedure.

[28:05] Regan shares another patient testimonial.

[29:35] The longer you put it off, the worse it will get. Don’t put it off, get help!

[30:15] What’s the cost?