The Ultimate Business Secret: TEAMWORK

Have you ever had issues of drama in the workplace? As a healthcare entrepreneur, a key to success is establishing a strong business that does not consist of drama. But how do you eliminate drama?

There is one source that contributes to 32% of workplace drama. Knowing this source, recognizing when drama takes place, and understanding how to overcome and prevent drama will launch your healthcare practice into a success!

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Key Takeaways:

[0:50] Get your team members excited about what you’re working on

[1:50] The best way to establish no drama in the workplace is to have a strong team

[2:10] A good team communicates and collaborates with each other

sources of drama

[9:30] The fastest way to kill teamwork is negative behavior

[10:00] Building a great team will help you and your practice grow so you can help more people

[13:00] Eliminate mental waste by establishing good mental processes

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