The Sarcopenia Deep Dive

Learning and growth never stop in healthcare. Last year, in Session 1 2021, Regan discussed sarcopenia. Now, he is bringing the topic back with new insights for you the fully utilize your skills as a healthcare entrepreneur!

Our goal is to get you to simplify your thinking when approaching challenging cases so you can change the trajectory of your patients’ health for the better! Click the play button below to watch and learn more about our podcast episodes at Go Wellness Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Sarcopenia is a loss of muscle mass from aging

[2:00] Simplified thinking can be to boil down the issue into one single threat

[2:20] Two of the biggest threats patients face are insulin resistance and sarcopenia

[4:00] 88% of adults are at risk of sarcopenia

[5:00] Patient’s immobility (i.e. bed rest) can also contribute to sarcopenia

[10:20] Utilize peptides for your patients: Sarcotropin IPA is the one of the easiest peptides to start implementing

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