Reducing The Toxic Load Of Our Bodies

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What is the 60-Day recharge and how can it help you? In the video below we explain the importance of allowing your body to rest and heal. We explain ways to help you accelerate that process as well. Don’t you want to feel engergized when you wake up in the morning. Well, we can show you how. Regan Archibald expalins how we can improve our habit in order to improve our health.

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Key Takeaways

[0:41] Explaining the 60-Day Recharge

[1:44] Recommended books

[4:50] It’s ok to rest

[6:50] 6 Phases to Accelerate your healing momentum 

[9:03] The eastern perspective. The epigenetics relate to the Jing

[13:03]Factor of the recharge

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