Our next event, “The Tao of Medicine”, will be here sooner than we know. Location is still to be determined, but the date is set for December 2 & 3rd. Keep an eye out for info in the coming weeks. 

 In this week’s episode the Go Wellness team chats about our last event, “The Creativity In Medicine” and our latest program, The Inner Circle. If you’re ready to really level up your practice, make sure to reach out as soon as possible to be a part of the “Inner Circle”. We’ve only got a few spots left available so don’t delay!

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Key Takeaways

0:50 – Introductions and Announcements
2:08 – New Inner Circle Welcoming
5:10 – The Next Steps
8:10 – Why We’re Different
9:20 – Chaunelle’s Double Blind Study
13:02 – Why We’re Doing What We Do
15:39 – Regan’s Closing

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