How To Get The Ideal Healthcare Patient

A major key to success is attracting your ideal patients and nurturing those relationships into lifetime patients at your clinic. Lifetime patients send the best referrals, giving you rave “word-of-mouth” reviews (which is the best “Marketing” you could have)! When your ideal patients want you to support not only them but their friends and family, you’ve unlocked an optimal piece for your healthcare business.

The first two and out of six steps within the “Lifetime Patient Equation” are:

  1. Energy, Intention, Practice
  2. Pre-Education

The following steps to this equation will be discussed at our upcoming event this August, Exclusive Session 3: Mitochondrial Summit!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:37] The most fascinating piece to the puzzle for creating a great experience for your patients

[2:09] Practice medicine in the smartest way

[2:29] Cultivate lifelong patients; keep them engaged their entire course of life

[4:17] Constant pay-off to have a consistently happy and healthy patient

[6:08] What will happen when you have lifetime relationships through your healthcare community

[8:00] Expand in opportunities you didn’t realize were there

[13:00] Gratitude is important within the lifetime patient equation

[21:14] Educate your new and existing patients