Breakthrough For Your Healthcare Practice

In this week’s podcast episode, we have an exciting breakthrough for your healthcare practice with special guest Dr. Hans Richter! He discusses lipids, membranes, and omegas optimizing our life sources.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Fat is the source of life

[1:57] Our body has building blocks

[3:30] Why fats are important and what fats you should be eating

[4:13] Life is separating the inside from the outside

[5:13] Pay attention to the fats in membranes

[5:20] 50% of membranes are proteins

[7:07] Membrane proteins are interacting with lipids

[8:49] There are three types of lipids; 50% are unsaturated fats

[10:40] Lipids matter; change the shape of the cell

[12:17] Divide your cell with unsaturated fats

[14:40] Omegas are important for regulating inflammation

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