What You Need To Know About Thyroid

As a healthcare professional, you are probably familiar with thyroid health through your medical training and research. However, there is a great difference between what you learn from a book versus hands-on experience.

Dr. Dan Kellams bridges that gap between what you see on a page and what you learn from your patients. Click the play button below to watch and learn more about our podcast episodes at Go Wellness Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] The biggest misconception about thyroid health is the focus on TSH and T4; the focus should be Thyroid Health Metabolism

[4:50] Diagnosing and recognizing the difference between hyperthyroid and hypothyroid

[6:10] Inflammation can disrupts all metabolic processes

[9:50] Hydration and oxygen are keystones to thyroid health

[12:50] Before we can get into the thyroid process, it’s important to make sure the liver has what it needs

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