Two Hairy Subjects: COVID + Autoimmunity

As we continue to live in a new time of viral infections, we discussed antibodies in this week’s episode. Dan Kellams, an expert on anything related to hormones, talked about the things most people don’t know about autoimmunity, from how antibodies affect our bodies to why you should be looking at yours and your patients’ antibodies! Click the play button below to watch, and learn more about our podcast episodes at Go Wellness Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[3:38] Natural increase in antibodies comes from substantial infections

[4:20] 90% of the world has or has had mono in their body. Getting a viral infection is inevitable (everyone is going to get it eventually)

[5:00] Regardless of what you are treating, you need the immune system to heal

[7:20] Looking for antibodies shows if the person has had a strong antibody response to an infections

[7:30] A strong antibody is Viral Capsid IGG Antibody

[7:50] Antibodies can drop or stay elevated for the rest of your life

[8:50] Presence of Viral Capsid Antibody can disrupt neurotransmitters

[9:50] HIgh antibodies increase the possibility of pain, sensitivity, and chronic fatigue

[12:48] Running a pannel of recent viruses helps to discover the cause of autoimmunity (like Fibromyalgia)

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