The Thyroid Process: Taking Out the Confusion

Learn from our founder Regan Archibald and the Go Wellness team about the gap between strategy and execution within a team. This A to Z process will help you implement our Program Design worksheet in practice, remove confusion, and will align you and your team to provide a “100% Clarity Guarantee” to all of your patients!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:00] What’s the gap between strategy and execution?

[1:20] Procrastination, lack of clarity, and confusion

[1:50] Problem-solve, know the steps and practically implement them

[3:28] The program design is an execution tool to create clarity in treatment plans

[3:40] Create simplicity in your treatment programs

[4:35] Increase your conversion rate and case v. average

[5:12] A – Z process is critical; implementing the program design is missed without the process

[7:30] Free yourself up from doing all the ROFs by yourself, create more value for your patients, and have the length of time you need to work with people

[8:00] surveys for direct-to-office visits

[9:59] Front stage process: what’s the patient’s journey and their interaction with you

[11:20] People want to work with experts so introduce yourself as such

[12:30] Guarantee every patient will have 100% clarity

[14:50] Don’t lose your momentum


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