New Year, New Strategies

It’s a new year and people are realizing it’s now time to start taking care of their health. Do you know what to say to potential patients and how to present your programs?

In this episode, we reveal the tips, tricks, and secrets to having a successful weight loss program and how to market to current and new patients. Now is the best time to start marketing your weight loss program because after all the New Year’s Resolutions, people are looking for a real solution for their health and their goals!

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Key Takeaways:

[3:29] Do you have your weight loss marketing strategies in place for this year?

[4:10] The right strategy will fill up your schedule and fill out your clinic with people who want to transform your health and their lives

[4:35] The key to weight loss is knowing how to convert fat into muscle, no matter the patient’s age

[5:27] The secret to getting ahead is getting started

[6:30] Help your patients learn how to attack the problems they’ve been encountering their entire lives

[7:10] The purpose of a workshop is to help people see what’s underneath the water

[12:10] Remove barriers that prevent your patients’ progress: convert body fat into energy, increase muscle mass, and more

[12:30] Give an incentive to encourage people to stay and listen to your health workshop

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