December Summit Recap

From Report of Findings to marketing insights, our Session 4 Summit was full of healthcare insights. This week, we discussed our favorite moments from our latest event and gave sneak peeks into 2022. Next year will be a game-changer with a revamping of our Rapid Enrollment Mastery and more!

2022 will be focused on creating momentum for your practice, helping your business grow! Click the play button below to watch and learn more about our podcast episodes at Go Wellness Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Your enrollment process will help you grow in 2022

[3:21] Create momentum in your practice

[5:30] Deep thoughts of functional medicine with Dan Kellams

[5:58] Deliver your presentations without uncertainty

[7:30] The healthcare model is about transformation, not transactions

[8:15] Rejection-free offers and changing mindsets

[8:52] Live limitlessly (mind, body, and soul) with a journey of feeling emotions

[13:10] The benefit of having a marketing mentorship