Keeping Your Gut Healthy

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In this week’s episode Dr. Dan Kellams discusses the common pathogens found in gut screening tests and how you can stay on top of your patients symptoms.

As always, Dr. Kellams brings his expertise and knowledge to the GO Wellness community with precision and thorough research to both the most and least common aspects of gut health. You are certain to find ways of improving your patients health and well being with his advice and years of experience.

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] Announcements

[0:38] – Bacteria & Pathogens In The Gut

[2:25] – SIGA Levels

[5:36] – The Effects of SIGA

[8:52] – The Inflammatory Marker

[9:33] – The Types Of Bacteria In The Gut

[13:10] – A Break Down of The Amino Acids

[14:28] – Enterococcus Gallinarum

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