Immune Reset Health Strategies

Knowing the foundations of Functional Medicine is a key step for reactivating patients who have not had their blood labs run within the last six months. This week we discussed health strategies for your and your patients’ immune systems, including Functional Medicine practices. Regan ended this episode with expert diagnosing advice, saying a diagnosis puts someone in a box, preventing the discoveries of functioning factors.

Implementing Functional Medicine in your practice is a way to get your patients in your office door and get them enrolled in wellness programs. Click the play button below to watch, and learn more about our podcast episodes at Go Wellness Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[1:52] We live in a time where people are super aware of their immune health

[2:22] The better way to focus on health is getting on top of the immune system

[3:11] Avoid playing guessing games with your health by running labs

[3:58] E.P.I.C model of health (mentioned in last week’s episode)

[4:20] Physical traumas bring down body functionality

[8:16] Emotional stressors affect our body’s immunity and minerals

[9:14] Chemicals impact our body’s ability to fight off sicknesses and diseases

[9:40] Immune stressors, like infections, could disengage our immune system

[11:12] Don’t rely on external intervention for your health

[12:17] Patient approach mindsets to help control their health stressors

[14:14] Functional Medicine: Blood work to regain body balance and establish what disease your patient has

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