You Need An Accelerated Lifetime Health Plan

Don’t forget.. Session 2: The Innovation of Medicine is right around the corner, June 3rd & 4th!

In this week’s episode Regan discusses his latest and greatest innovative structure for your healthcare practice, the Lifetime Health Accelerator.

This new program is structured to follow your patients health success after completing their 7 month Accelerate Wellness program and is designed to answer the most common question patients have regarding their health, “How can I live healthier and longer?”

With this 12 month program your patients Health span and Life span come together in an easily implemented and structured program that will deliver the results both you and your patients desire.

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Key Takeaways

[0:00] Announcements

[1:13] Session 2 Reminder

[4:24] Form Walkthrough(Chief goals)

[6:42] Testing

[9:50] Dr. Dan Kellams Thoughts

[14:38] Effects Of Not Having A Care Plan

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