What Do Macronutrients Do For Your Muscles?

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Watch as Regan teaches us what muscles do and why they are so important. Today you will learn what macros are, what they do for your body, how they work, and why you should make it a routine.

Did you know that our muscles protect our joints? If you have degeneration, keeping your muscles healthy is key! Did you know that muscles make energy that we use everyday? Elevating your muscle mass will help every aspect of your life. Some examples are: movement, preventing aging, protecting joints, optimizing immune health, and much much more. Watch and learn all the facts!

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Key Takeaways

[1:10] Elon Musk’s vision

[6:00] How to increase muscle mass

[7:20] Characteristics of muscles

[10:10] Muscles make energy

[13:03] Muscles Requirements

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