Connecting The Gut & HPA Axis

During our last Healthcare Entrepreneur episode, “What To Do About The HPA Axis,” Regan Archibald took a deep into the HPA axis. This week Dr. Dan Kellams continues Regan’s discussion as he dives even deeper, connecting the HPA to gut functionality.

Dr. Kellams explains why we feel through our guts and joked when he said, “you shouldn’t trust your gut because I’ve tested it and knows what’s in there.” As a healthcare entrepreneur, you can learn how important the gut really is for your patients’ health and so much more!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:00] There’s a super dynamic pathway between the HPA axis and the gut

[2:50] A massive stress response immediately affects the mobility of the gut

[3:20] In the long term, chronic damage of the intestinal lining can occur

[4:15] When we break down nerve pathways, we can see how the brain affects the rest of the body

[7:00] The microbiome is key to normal gut functionality

[9:00] The gut connects to more within the body than just the brain; it’s an interlaid web throughout the body

[12:50] When there’s a chronic issue with the HPA axis, the gut is a critical component

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