How Peptides Can Benefit Your Patients & Your Practice

Have you or someone you know ever said, “I love peptides but there isn’t enough research.” However, that isn’t the case as research has been done. Peptides provide numerous healing benefits for patients, yet many healthcare providers find some hesitancy to implement peptides in their practice.

Regan Archibald gives us a first-look at new peptide implementation documentation that showcase the science that backs-up peptide results. “The Science and Art of Peptide Therapy” gives all the information you or your patients need to know to be comfortable with peptides.

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Key Takeaways

[2:25] Peptides have a high tolerance to help patients who are sick

[3:30] Peptides are extremely powerful and have been helping many patients over the years

[5:30] Peptides are valuable for your healthcare practice as they can assist with diabetes, pain relief, etc.

peptide science

[9:30] One of the most important things we can do is create a collaborative environment in healthcare

[10:30] In 1973, Khavinson’s peptide research discovered the positive effects peptides have on cell function

[13:20] Peptides are pleiotropic, which means they produce more than one effect

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